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Tork Motors: The Future of Personal Transport

Experience TORK Motors - India’s electric motorcycle
Experience TORK Motors - India’s electric motorcycle

Tork Motors Pvt. Ltd. was accepted in April 2019 to concentrate on the evolution & design of the electric motorcycles. They were exclusive to absolute Drivetrain Solutions and other elements, with particular focus on Hall Effect Throttle, Controller Units & Battery Management System (BMS).

Clean Technology Focus of Tork Motors

Their passion for racing persuades us to pivot on reliability, lifestyle design & efficiency with standards like customer specific applications, packaging & ample testing in all disciplines.

Tork aims to reduce the emission of CO2 level within the environment. Their focus is on teaming up manufacturers to boost clean technology. 

The norms & laws protecting the environment from fuel technologies & emission gasses are getting firmer day by day and they look forward to pursuing in that direction.

According to Tork;

We all are real petrol-heads but we love our environment too, being crazy about speed does not mean being irresponsible, so we came up with an idea of building a sports motorcycle that has both speed and care for the environment.

Tork Motor’s Charging Station

According to the company, The new EV charging station is the first of many that are planned to be installed. In consideration with the standardized Bharat EV specifications the chargers are well advanced in nature.

TORK Motors first charging station

TORK Motors first charging station

During the launch of their 1st charging point in Pune, Maharashtra, Kapil Shelke, CEO & Founder of Tork Motors said,

With the launch of our first EV charging station, we seek to drive the adoption of e-vehicles, especially electric motorcycles, in India.This move is also in line with our growth plans of offering a holistic and hassle-free experience to the consumer.

Over the years, Tork has natively developed & designed numerous electric motorcycles, each with their unique purpose.

Let’s get to know the basics of their models:

  • T1X – Their journey started when their 1st prototype gave them to the prestige of winning the Isle of Man TT course. The chassis was a custom-made Trellis frame for agile handling.
  • T2X – Made to accomplish the race track, their 2nd prototype got them to the TTXGP UK/EU championship. The power to weight ratio was an influential element since the T2X was overall very lightweight.
  • T3X – Their 3rd prototype was constructed at their sister company in the UK. It took part in the TT-ZERO events at the Isle of Man. The T3X had a top speed of 240 kmph.
  • T4X – It raised the bar on design integration in the market. It produced 60 Nm torque attaining 0-100 kms in 8.7 seconds.
  • T5X – Assembled to display theirs in house battery management system which had a range per charge of 200 kms.
  • T6X – This is India’s 1st electric motorcycle. It guides in a host of unprecedented features for the bright urban commuter, steered by technology composed at the leading-edge. 

TORK Motors Forte:

  • Mobile App – Cloud connectivity along with a 4.3″ TFT screen. The cleverest motorcycle out there.
  • Charging Time– Expect an 80% capacity within an hour.
  • Instant Torque – from the moment you move, expect a massive 27 Nm of instant torque.
  • Cruising Speed – Enjoy cruising at 100 kmPh, and your phone would probably be the only vibrations you felt.
  • Utility Storage – enough space for accessories and a Point to charge your phone.
  • Range – With every charge you get a range of 100 kms. Who needs to deal with the long lines at petrol pumps?

While the price of a KTM 200 Duke is Rs.1.76 Lakhs, the T6X is worth it because the features compliment the price it carries being Rs.1.36 Lakhs. This electrical motorcycle gives you so much at a reasonable price with luxurious accessories along with a visual appeal and great performance & reliability.

The Tork T6X – Specifications, Features & Price:

Tork began work on the T6X in mid-2015, were provided with funding from a bracket of angel investors and its 1st prototype was unmasked in September 2016. The top speed is restricted to 100 kmph at the moment with a battery that claims to have a  lifespan of 80,000-1,00,000 kms. Let’s get a better understanding of its features below. 

Performance & Motor:

Maximum speed Engineered for 100 kmph
Mileage 100 k.m. per charge
Maximum torque 27 Nm


Battery life 1,000 cycles
Battery capacity 72 Ah


Type  Lithium Ion
charging time (80%) 60 min
Battery box Cast aluminium IP 67
Safety Advanced BMS


Console digital touch TFT
Utility Box Yes 
Mobile charging Yes 
Navigation & GPS  Yes
Mobile app support Yes
Anti theft Yes
Geo fencing Yes 
DRL  Yes 

Tork T6X come with AI – TIROS

TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) Technology in TORK T6X

TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) Technology in TORK T6X

TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) is the brain of bike. This part of bike learns how you ride the bike, power management, power consumption, select between riding modes by adjusting power delivery etc. TIROS updates new features directly from cloud to your bike.

Tork Motors turned to profit-orientation when they commercialized the electric vehicle components & powertrain system to help other manufacturers function in electric vehicles. They consider the racetrack a favored testing ground as they create the best of the best. They hold over 40 distinct IPs with reference to their trademarks, technology & design. This is just the beginning for Tork Motors. 

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EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Sakshi Nadkarni

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