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List of Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers in India

there are certain charging station manufacturers in India that have made their mark in the developing market.
there are certain charging station manufacturers in India that have made their mark in the developing market.

As the use of electric vehicles is steadily growing in India, the need for Electric Vehicle charging stations is also essential. In this advancing field, there are certain charging station manufacturers in India that have made their mark in the developing market.

To fuel your knowledge and curiosity, here is a list of the top 10 charging station manufacturers in India

  1. TATA Power– The name of TATA is well-known in the vehicle manufacturing sector of India and owing to its status, it is also one of the most prominent manufacturers of EV charging stations in the country. TATA’s EV charging network covers an area of 9 states including Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, with about 85 charging points. It supplies EV charging stations for commercial areas, office-charging, EV fleet and public charging.

  2. Fortum India Another notable name in this sector is Fortum India, a global energy company providing over 3000 smart EV chargers across Nordic countries. It provides the service of Charge & Drive platforms. It has to its credit the first public charging station for Indian Oil in Hyderabad.

  3. Mass-Tech– This manufacturer offers AC and DC chargers for various installations and settings in India. It has to its credit the completion of the installation for DC Fast Charging Station in Mumbai, in partnership with TATA motors.

  4. Exicom– Exicom is a manufacturer which offers EV charging stations for public charging of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. For the home, it actually provides the ultimate charging solutions. It has brilliantly set up the Bharat AC and DC chargers for Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito cars obtained by EESL.

  5. Delta Electronics India This manufacturer offers a wide variety of charging equipment including DC Quick Charger and AC EV charger. It also provides a Site Management System for parking lots, working places, residential buildings and more.

  6. Bright Blue– BrightBlu manufacturer came into existence with the merging of Asia Electric, an EV charging company, and DriveAMP, a smart charging automation provider, in August 2019. It provides the facilities of charging management software and AC Type 2 charger.

  7. ACME– This EV charging manufacturer-provided Ola with its battery swapping and charging stations ‘EcoCharge’ for their e-mobility project started in Nagpur. It offers charging stations in India, as well as Lithium batteries.

  8. ABB India ABB India is a global manufacturer in providing EV charging solutions with over 6000 units available across 55 countries. It offers the manufacturing of fast DC chargers along with installation.

  9. Panasonic This company has to its acclaim the Nymbus Charging Service, which provides a hi-tech cloud management service along with its charging and battery swapping stations.

  10. Ensto – Ensto’s EV charging stations were first opened on 4th October 2017, in New Delhi. It provides cloud-based, EV charging station supervision software, along with manufacturing EVSEs.

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With the advent of a new tomorrow in the sphere of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India, more manufacturers are coming forward to develop India’s Electric Vehicle manufacturing capability.

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