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Exclusive Interview With The Omega Seiki Mobility(OSM) MD, Mr. Deb Mukherjee

Mr. Deb Mukherjee - Managing Director - OSM
Mr. Deb Mukherjee - Managing Director - OSM

EV Duniya team member Mr. Subodh had a magnificent conversation with Mr. Deb Mukherjee, the MD of Omega Seiki Mobility. In this pandemic era(COVID), the OSM has come up with the latest refrigerated and frost vehicles to efficiently supply pharmaceuticals and food products to various parts of the country. 

This interview covers various features and astonishing facts about the company and its solutions. So, without any further delay, dive in. 

Subodh: To start with the interview, can you tell us about Omega Seiki Mobility?

Deb Mukherjee: Omega Seiki Private Limited was set up in 2016. It’s associated with the Anglian Omega Network, a PAN India business. We have been in the automobile business for over 50 years. Our primary business includes steel and automobile components.

While OSM is purely an electric vehicles venture rather than a technology company, so far, we have developed numerous vehicles. Recently, we also started operating last-mile mobility under the Omega Seiki Mobility. We have started Omega Seiki Mobility with a vision to address a wide range of logistic issues, e-commerce companies, farmers, and retailers.  

Subodh: It was indeed a great start. So, now, can you share a few unique features of OSM’s latest product?

Deb Mukherjee: Well, it’s a refrigerated refurbished vehicle manufactured in collaboration with the Trans ACNR Company. Usually, the Trans ACNR Company is a pioneer in refrigeration and Air-Conditioned transportation services. With over 60% of market share in this refurbishing market sector and 20 years of experience, the Trans ACNR Company provides the ultimate solutions in Bus Air-Conditioning and Transport Refrigeration Systems using modern technical advancements without compromising on the quality. 

In general, we provide them the product, and Trans ACNR offers the product with refrigerated and frost services. This product is ideal for carrying supplements, vaccines, food, and other pharmaceuticals. Basically, the refrigerated refurbishing OSM product is a blend of two robust technologies in the market. 

Subodh: It’s really warm to see the two powerful technology companies coming together and participating in the EV revolution. Can you please mention some of the features of this product, such as charging and its range? 

Deb Mukherjee:  The vehicle is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery with a 10.5 kWh battery pack. The vehicles maintain a chilling environment and ensure good conditioning of the products. Usually, the vehicle runs 100 km per charge. The best feature of this vehicle is that it runs using both fixed and swapping batteries. So, whenever the vehicle runs out of battery, the users can go for a suitable swapping charge system. 

This jazzy and cool refrigerated e-vehicle easily accessed rural areas with narrow roads effortlessly. The colossal cargo space incorporates massive products at one go. The chilling temperature can be adjusted anywhere between -4℃ to -20℃. This e-vehicle is best suited for supplying all kinds of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, food, and milk products. This cargo e-vehicle is even easier to charge using any charging point. 

Subodh: The e-vehicle is compact and ready-to-travel in urban to narrow-road rural areas. So, here’s the last question, have you partnered with any charging station to ensure smooth e-rides with this refrigerated cargo?

Deb Mukherjee: Yeah, that’s a very important question you have about raiders, Subodh. We have partnered with Sun Mobility who is well-known for swap charging systems. We are even ready to work with the swap mode charging systems based on our customer’s requirements. Wherever our customers require a charging station, we run a swap system. It’s our responsibility to provide enough charging requirements. We provide end-to-end solutions from manufacturing e-vehicles to charging solutions. 

This is all about the exclusive and fabulous EV solution by the OSM company. The cool refrigerated and frost e-vehicle supplies vaccines, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical products. To reduce the customers’ anxiety about charging stations, the OSM is ready to provide swapping charging stations. Therefore, the interview has ended with an insightful review about the refrigerated refurbishing cargo. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Feel free to comment below and join the discussion. We’ll see you again in the following exclusive interview with the other EV solution providers soon.

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Subodh is an electronics engineer & a system oriented person having 8+ years of corporate experience in foreign client handling & business analysis. He loves writing on various topics related to automobile & sports.

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