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OLA Electric’s newly launched scooters – S1 & S1 Pro

OLA Electric Launched S1 & S1 Pro E-Scooter
OLA Electric Launched S1 & S1 Pro E-Scooter

Electric mobility as a topic and as a product has hit a string with the people and gained a lot of traction around the world. After Tesla, an American corporation, provided a rather feasible and viable alternative to internal combustion engine cars in the form of electric cars, the trend towards electric mobility has seen a consistent rise in the US and then in the western world.

This trend has now come to catch up with the aspirations of Young and developing countries like India. While many firms and technology companies have taken this opportunity to fulfil the expectations of the Indian market from the EV sector, one corporation has taken a huge leap in this aspect. The firm happens to be OLA.

About OLA Electric Investment

The cab service giant has taken a surprising diversion into the business of manufacturing electric scooters with its electric scooter manufacturing firm “OLA electric”. And it’s not a trivial investment that OLA is doing into electric mobility by any measure.

It is constructing the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturing factory in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu spread across 500 acres.

With a supposed investment of Rs. 2,400 crores, this factory is said to have manufacturing capacity of 2 million units initially which will be increased to 10 million in the future.

Specs and Features S1 & S1 Pro E-Scooter

On 15th August 2021, OLA announced its first product. An electric scooter by the name S1. The bookings for the scooter however opened way back on 15 July 2021.

The S1 with 2.98 kWh battery is said to go from 0 to 40 Km/hr in 3.6 seconds, while the S1 pro, an upgraded version with 3.97 kWh battery takes 3 seconds. It comes with riding modes called Normal, Sports and Hyper.

OLA has gone a notch higher by introducing cruise control on a scooter for the first time. The scooter is unlocked by a digital key in your phone which will be paired and will unlock as it senses the phone at a considerable proximity, instead of a physical key.

The S1 has a range of 121 Kms on full charge, while the S1 Pro exceeds it at 181 Kms. It comes with many other features like touchscreen infotainment, geo fencing, anti-theft system, side stand alert, wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity and much more.

Hypercharger network of OLA Electric

In order to provide ample charging solutions to the riders, OLA has planned to establish a dense network of rapid charging stations which they call OLA hypercharger network. Under this plan, OLA will set up multi-level charging stations which will be automated and will also serve as a parking space.

It also plans to install standalone chargers in locations like malls, cafes, business districts etc. Initially OLA plans to establish 5,000 charging points in 100 cities which it looks forward to expand to up to 100,000 charging points in 400 cities in the future.

Hypercharger network-OLA Electric

Hypercharger network-OLA Electric

Pricing of S1 & S1 Pro

OLA has very competitively priced its S1 and S1 pro at Rs.99,999 and Rs.1,29,999 respectively, one of the lowest in the Indian market so far. The prices may reduce as per the state wise incentives, making it the cheapest in Gujarat with S1 coming at at Rs.79,999 and the S1 Pro coming at Rs.1,09,999.

OLA S1 & S1 Pro Pricing - Statewise

OLA S1 & S1 Pro Pricing – State wise

With a solid product and competitive pricing, OLA has certainly raised the bar for Electric Vehicle firms in India. However, the consumer base is yet to see how well it stands on the claimed specs and features. If it does so, OLA will be well on its path to becoming a market leader in Electric scooters manufacturing in India.

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