A B Electro Bikes: The leading Smart Mobility Network based in Pune!

A B Electro bikes - Leading Electric Scooter Seller in Pune | EV Duniya
A B Electro bikes - Leading Electric Scooter Seller in Pune | EV Duniya

What comes into your mind when you think of the future of electric mobility in India? Is it Low range? Or the Lack of charging points? Or maybe both!

If these are the reasons why you are not willing to invest into electric vehicles, then I must say you’re either absolutely unaware of how advanced the EV technologies are to this date or you still prefer to turn down the idea of climate emergency.

Along with electric cars, the EV industry is greatly focusing on pushing Electric versions of commercial vehicles such as trucks, auto-rickshaws, etc., in order to cut-off the significant share of carbon released into the environment.

Since, last 1-2 decades, there has been a substantially high demand for two-wheelers, especially in India. The high sales of two-wheelers eventually corresponded to a significant increment in the overall emission.

This is where the Government urged the startups and two-wheeler companies across India to invest in green technologies and drive the nation towards electric.

Among various startups in India involved in the production of electric two-wheelers, one that is aggressively working to lead India towards electric mobility is “A B ELECTRO BIKES”.

About A B Electro Bikes, Pune

Mr Abhay Bhandari, a commerce graduate, and an entrepreneurial spirit started out as the founding figure of A B Electro Bikes, based out of Pune.

Serving the automobile industry for nearly two decades, Mr Abhay Bhandari decided to set out on his entrepreneurial journey by bringing in the knowledge and the invaluable experience he gained overtime to lay out the foundation stones of his venture.

Speaking about his company, Abhay told that

With A B Electro Bikes, we’re taking a huge step towards a organised, and an all in one EV-Hub that will not only offer a range of internationally acclaimed products but also provide an end-to-end service, batteries, maintenance and spare parts support.

They strongly embrace their vision to become one of the most trusted sources of electric bikes in India and help make this world a better and sustainable place by innovation in green technologies.

A B Electro Bikes currently sells electric scooters in two categories:

  1. Low-speed variants: ICON, FALCON, and KRITI
  2. High-speed variants: AURA
A B Electro Bikes Electric Scooter Models

A B Electro Bikes Electric Scooter Models

Some common benefits and features that come with every scooter of AB electro Bikes are as follows,

  • Fast charging electric scooters
  • Zero-emission for sure
  • ARAI certified vehicles
  • Hassle-free ride
  • And Easy maintenance

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Every electric scooter at A B Electro Bikes is backed with plenty of exciting features such as,

  • Breakdown Smart Assistant System
  • Push-button start and Remote access
  • Mobile charging point
  • Detachable battery
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Smart parking assistance

Why A B Electro Bikes?

At A B electro Bikes, the main objective behind creating smart and clean mobility solutions is to alleviate the issue of increasing environmental pollution & climate change by being a bridge between a trusted & largest manufacturer of electric two-wheelers and the target market. AB Electro Bikes aims to provide an electric vehicle range that has something for everyone.

You can book the test ride right on your smartphone! So don’t wait! Investing in electric vehicles is like investing in the future.

A B Electric Scooters Cost Calculation Table

A B Electric Scooters Cost Calculation Table

Along with providing the electric mobility solutions, A B Electro Bikes is also engaged in offering franchise opportunities to individuals who want to contribute to the green revolution.

Save fossil fuels! Save the environment! Switch to Electric!

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