Electric Scooters with high range in India

high range electric scooters india
Scooters with High Range in India

In India, the electric scooter business is booming, with new models coming out all the time and a vast range of EV two-wheeler options. Ola Electric, Simple Energy, Bounce Mobility recently launched their electric scooters, while manufacturers like Ather, Bajaj Auto, and TVS already have some attractive options.

While some EVs claim to alleviate “range anxiety” by promising lengthy single-charge ranges, others primarily focus on providing high-end features and a long-lasting ride. To appeal to a wider range of customers, an electric vehicle must have a combination of all the right characteristics.

We’ve put together a list of some of the country’s high range electric scooters:

Simple Energy One (236 kms)

Riding Range 236 kms
Top Speed 105 kmph
Battery charging time 5 hrs
Rated Power 4500 W
Kerb Weight 110 kg
Seat Height 775 mm

Simple Energy has announced officially its One e – scooter in the Indian economy at a premium price of Rs 1.10 lakh, after months of tormenting . In jurisdictions that provide electric car incentives, the price will be different. There is a reservation fee of Rs 1,947 if you’re interested in acquiring it.

Ola S1 Pro (181 kms)

Riding Range 181 kms
Top Speed 115 kmph
Battery charging time 6.50 hrs
Rated Power 8500 W
Kerb Weight 125 kg
Seat Height 792 mm

The OLA S1 is an electric scooter with a starting price of Rs. 97,573. It comes in two variations and ten colours, with the premium variant starting at Rs. 1,27,536. The motor in the OLA S1 produces 8500 W of power. The OLA S1 has both front and rear disc brakes, resulting in a combined braking system for both wheels.

The Ola Electric scooter features a tiny twin-pod headlight with an LED DRL ring, apron-mounted sleek LED indicators, a body-colored front fender, curving side panels, a sleek LED taillight, an external charging point at the back, and a split-style pillion grabrail on both models. The Ola Electric scooter has a 36-litre storage compartment beneath the seat that can hold two open-face helmets. The original model’s colour palette has five selections, while the Pro variation has ten.

Odysse Hawk Plus (170 kms)

Riding Range 170 kms
Top Speed 45 kmph
Battery charging time 3.5 hrs
Rated Power 1800 W
Seat Height 830 mm
USB Charging Port Yes

The Odysse Hawk high range electric scooter comes with a starting price of Rs. 89,112. It comes in two models and four colours, with the premium variant starting at Rs. 1,04,157. Odysse Hawk’s motor produces 1800 W of power. Odysse Hawk has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

The Odysse Hawk is a low-speed & high range electric scooter that may be purchased with either a lead-acid or a lithium-ion battery. While the former claims to have a range of roughly 70 kilometres, the latter claims to have a range of up to 170 kilometres. There’s also a difference in charging time: the lead-acid trim takes 5 hours to charge, while the lithium-ion takes 3.5 hours. Both models have a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour.

The Hawk comes with a fully digital console, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charging port, a music system, and an anti-theft alarm, among other features. Cruise control is included in the more expensive lithium-ion version. The bike is equipped with tubeless tyres and rides on alloy wheels. A disc in the front and a drum at the back provide braking. The ability to charge the scooter using a standard three-pin socket without any extra configuration is one of the characteristics that adds to the owner’s convenience.

Hero Electric Nyx HX (165 kms)

Riding Range 165 kms
Top Speed 42 kmph
Battery charging time 4-5 hrs
Rated Power 600 W
Kerb Weight 87 kg
USB Charging Port Yes

The Hero Electric NYX HX electric scooter starts at Rs. 63,059 . It comes in only one colour and one version. The motor of the Hero Electric NYX HX produces 600 W of power. Hero Electric NYX HX has both front and rear drum brakes, resulting in a combined stopping system for both wheels.

The Hero Electric NYX HX is the NYX series’ high-speed variation. The electric scooter has a 600/1,300 Watt motor with a top speed of 42 kilometres per hour. The 51.2V/30Ah (double battery) is said to have a range of 165 kms per charge and can be fully recharged in five hours. It must be registered because it is a high-speed scooter. Its slow-speed variant, on the other hand, does not require registration.

The NYX HX is designed for utility tasks. This electric scooter will come in handy for small and medium-sized businesses. To tackle the suspension demands, the NYX HX has telescopic front forks and swing arm-linked twin shock absorbers at the back. It comes with 10-inch alloy wheels on both ends with drum brakes. The dual split seats are comfortable for both the rider and the pillion, and there is plenty of storage on the floorboard for luggage.

Okinawa i-Praise (139 kms)

Riding Range 139 kms
Top Speed 58 kmph
Battery charging time 4-5 hrs
Rated Power 1000 W
Seat Height 800 mm
USB Charging Port Yes

The Okinawa i-Praise high range electric scooter comes with a starting price of Rs. 1,06,077. The Okinawa i-motor Praise’s produces 1000 W of electricity. Okinawa i-Praise has both front and rear disc brakes, as well as an electronically assisted braking system.

Praise has always been a feature-rich product, but the i-Praise enhances it even further. The most important is the detachable battery, which is a Lithium-ion unit that can be taken to the owner’s home and charged using a 5A power outlet. It takes 2-3 hours to charge. Another advantage of the Li-ion battery is that the scooter’s weight has been reduced by 4% compared to the previous lead-acid version. On a full charge, the new Li-ion battery will provide a range of 160-180 kilometres.

Bajaj Chetak Electric (90 kms)

Riding Range 85-95 kms (sports mode-eco mode)
Top Speed 70 kmph
Battery charging time 5 hrs
Rated Power 3800 W
USB Charging Port Yes
Max Power 4,080 W

Bajaj Chetak is technically not a high range electric scooter, which comes at a starting price of Rs. 1,38,988. It comes in two models and six colours, with the premium variant starting at Rs. 1,41,363. The motor on the Bajaj Chetak produces 3800 W of power. Bajaj Chetak has a combined braking system for both wheels, including front disc and rear drum brakes.The Pune-based two-wheeler company had stopped producing scooters for a few years and had been working on a new electric scooter product since then, and has now officially introduced the Chetak in an electric form.

The scooter, as the name implies, pays tribute to its forefathers by adopting design inspirations from the classic Chetak and giving it a contemporary and fresh makeover. It has sheet metal body panels, which give it a premium feel, while the smooth flowing lines, LED lighting, and sequential blinking turn signals, which are comparable to those found on high-end cars, add to its modernity. It also includes fully digital Bluetooth-enabled instrumentation with a variety of functions.

The Bajaj Chetak’s powertrain consists of an electric motor that is powered by a 3kWh IP67-rated lithium-ion battery The powertrain has two driving modes: Sport and Eco, which have a range of 95 and 85 kilometres, respectively. Bajaj has included numerous new features in the e-scooter, including a reverse assist mode, regenerative braking, and an inbuilt Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) for smooth charge and discharge.

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