Tata’s Most Affordable Electric Vehicle Launched: Tiago EV

Tata Tiago EV launch
Tata Tiago EV launch

Initially displayed as a prototype at a UK event and then at India’s Auto Expo 2018. One of the most anticipated electric cars from India’s top car manufacturer, Tata Tiago EV is now here. On September 28, 2022, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, MD of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger EV, and his team unveiled India’s most affordable electric vehicle, with a 300 km range on a single charge. It will be the cheapest electric vehicle in India with a base cost of Rs 8.49 lakh.

Features And Specifications

Let’s get into the details of this newly launched EV and have a look at its features and specifications.

  • Battery: Tata will offer two different battery types for its newly improved Tiago EV; 19.2 kWh and 24 kWh. These are lithium-ion batteries which the customers can choose based on their requirements and finances. Tata has also revealed that depending on the market’s demand and supply, these batteries may further be available in different capacity as well.
  • Charging Options: A 3.3 kW AC charger which is a rapid charger will be included with the 19.2 kWh batteries. The battery will be non-removable. There will be two fast charging choices in 24kWh, 3.3kW and 7.2kW, both of which work with a non-removable battery.
  • Range: As is obvious, the range will vary with different battery options. A 19.2 kWh battery will provide a journey of 250 kilometres on a single charge, while a 24 kWh battery will provide a range of 315 kilometres on a single charge.
  • Variants: Tata has provided a total of 7 variants of the EV model to suit different needs and choices of the population.
Under 19 kWh Battery Under 24 kWh Battery
·  Tata Tiago EV XE: 8.49 Lakhs


·  Tata Tiago EV XT: 9.09 Lakhs

Under 3.3 kW charger Under 7.2 kW charger
·  Tata Tiago EV XT: 9.99 Lakhs


·  Tata Tiago EV XZ+: 10.79 Lakhs


·  Tata Tiago EV XZ+Tech LUX: 11.29 Lakhs

·  Tata Tiago EV XZ+: 11.29 Lakhs


·  Tata Tiago EV XZ+Tech LUX: 11.79 Lakhs


  • Specs: Let us now take a look at the specifications: 
  • Can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h under 5.7 seconds.
  • It is an automatic gear car having neutral, drive, back and sport modes/gears.
  • It is waterproof constructed.
  • It is dustproof constructed.
  • All the variants have fast charging capabilities.
  • A warranty period of 8 years or 1.6 lakh kms is provided.
  • Ziptron Technology is used in the new EV.
  • There are 8 speakers of Harman Infotainment System in-built in the car.
  • Plush leather seats.
  • It has automatic climate control system present within the model.
  • Automatic rain sensing wipers are present.
  • Auto headlamps are also present.
  • Cruise control feature is enabled.

These are the features present and available with the all new Tata Tiago EV. The booking date of these affordable electric vehicles is from 10th October, 2022 and the delivery period from January, 2023.

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