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Spectacular Conversation With The Head Of Virya Mobility, Mr. VM Suresh

Interview with Mr. VM Suresh-Head of Virya Mobility
Interview with Mr. VM Suresh-Head of Virya Mobility

Before getting into the interview of VM Suresh, let’s know what Virya Mobility is, how, and what it contributes to society. 

What is Virya Mobility? 

Virya Mobility is a MAINI Group Company’s brand. The MAINI Group Company is one of the leading electric car manufacturers In India, well-known for the electric car “REVA” and its “ZERO” philosophy. The MAINI Group comes with zero defect products, zero time delays, zero complaints, zero wastage, and zero inefficiencies.

The Virya Mobility is one of the MAINI Company’s new ventures to develop technology in electric vehicles. With a strong core team with over 20 years of experience in multiple fields, Virya Mobility offers power-packed, ultimate e-mobility solutions like electric power trains, charging, and vehicle integration solutions.

So, this is a summary of the Virya Mobility Company and its solutions. To know more about their solutions, unique features, and other interesting facts, here’s a small conversation with the head of Virya Mobility, Mr. VM Suresh. 

Let’s dive in. 

Subodh: It’s glad to meet you, Mr. Suresh. Can you tell me something about Virya Mobility, its products, and unique features to start with this interview?

VM Suresh: The Virya Mobility has come from the MAINI Group that launched the super electric car REVA in 2001 and was successfully sold in over 25 countries. The same MAINI Group has ventured into Virya Mobility to provide a wide range of electric vehicle technologies with 100% efficiency. 

We are providing a one-stop solution for the OEMs in the electric vehicles field. Today, we’re providing solutions in three areas: two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and micro powertrain electric vehicles. For that, currently, we developed a commercial three-wheeler powertrain product for OEMs that can deliver both passenger and cargo applications. To date, we have been supplying our products to Mahindra, TATA, and other premium companies.

We have different powertrain solutions for 6 KW, 10 KW, and 15 KW. These powertrain products at Virya Mobility can be used for various power ratings. Using the IBM motor up to 20 KW, we developed the compact powertrain solution. Also, we have charges ranging from 24 volts to 360 volts which are highly used in the two, three, and four-wheelers by TATA and Mahindra.

For two-wheelers and three-wheelers, we have developed the e-clusters used in the CAN(Controller Area Network) communications and systems. Some of the exclusive features of the three-wheeler powertrain kit of Virya Mobility are

  • Stylish and minimalist design 
  • Optimized display with pleasant colors
  • Accurate driving information for safety enhancement
The display parameters of the product include, 
  • State of charge and low battery indication 
  • DTE- Distance to Empty 
  • TTC- Time to Charge 
  • Charging and Regen indication 
  • Standard ODO, Speedo, and Trip meters
  • Malfunction and temperature indication 
  • Error code display for motors, controllers, and battery

All these features and parameters are developed from our 15 years of experience. This powertrain is a premium e-vehicle with all safety measures and modern technology integration from driver tracker to overloading conditions of the vehicle. It’s a good product for fleet management. 

Unlike many other fleet management vehicles in the market, the Virya Mobility products provide complete data analytics and a location tracker.

Subodh: We see a few DC-DC converters used in the products. Can you tell a few points about these converters?

VM Suresh: Apart from chargers. We have DC-DC converters ranging from 240 volts to 1 KW for the smooth functioning of the vehicle. 

So, this is an excellent and splendid interview with Mr. VM Suresh where he explained everything about Virtya Mobility’s three-wheeler powertrain product. I hope you enjoyed reading this interview. Soon, we’ll meet you with another cherishing interview. Until then, stay tuned.

Subodh Yeole
Subodh is an electronics engineer & a system oriented person having 8+ years of corporate experience in foreign client handling & business analysis. He loves writing on various topics related to automobile & sports.

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