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Exclusive Interview With Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder of Detel

Interview With Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder of Detel | world's first economical e-bike, EasyPlus
Interview With Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder of Detel | world's first economical e-bike, EasyPlus

Detel is a company started in 2016 intending to provide economical products to everyone. It focuses on delivering electric gadgets such as mobiles, TVs, electric vehicles, and any more at a low cost so that every individual can afford it. Dr. Yogesh Bhatia founded the Detel. With a mission to transform conventional motorcycles into electric vehicles, it will launch a smart two-wheeler electric vehicle at a lower price. And surprisingly, it’s the first e-bike launched worldwide at a low cost. 

Here’s an interview with the Founder and CEO of Detel, Dr. Yogesh Bhatia. 

Subodh: To start with the interview, can you tell us about the Detel establishment, products, and plans?

Yogesh Bhatia: Detel was established in 2016, but we launched our first economical phone with exclusive features in August 2017. Due to high mobile phone prices, about 40 crore people are left with no mobile phones in some parts of rural and urban areas. So, Detel launched its economical mobile at 299 INR in 2017 to connect with 40 crore people in the country. 

There are over ten crores of people without the TV in their homes due to affordability issues. Then, in 2018, we launched a TV at an affordable price with the motto “Har Ghar TV. ” Our nation is full of potential with the lack of affordability. So, we are striving to make the products affordable so that every individual could afford them. 

Since 2019, we have been working on electric vehicles. And in 2020, we have launched the world’s foremost economical vehicle, EasyPlus Electric Bike, at 1,999.00 INR. Easy Plus Electric Bike is an easy-to-ride, low-speed bike that requires neither registration nor a driving license. So, even teenagers can ride this bike without a hitch. Apart from this EasyPlus Bike, we are also launching a helmet for safety. This is usually a B2C product, While we are also launching a product for businesses with double batteries.

Considering the requirements of businesses, we provide them double batteries while the customer or individuals are provided an e-bike with a single battery. 

Subodh: It’s a cool and economical product. Now, we would like to know about Detel presence in various countries. So, can you tell us about the existence of Detel in other countries?

Yogesh Bhatia: Detel is also registered in 7 different countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Srilanka, and a few countries in South Africa. However, we aren’t focusing on other countries. Instead, we are trying to increase the presence of these electric vehicles in India to support the Indian government in this pandemic era. To transform combustion vehicles into electric vehicles, we have launched an economical vehicle that you get nowhere.   

To increase the air quality, we have come up with an elegant idea. Whenever the consumer buys the electric vehicle product from Detel, we plant a tree and share a location. The customer gets recognition as well as an economical e-bike. In a nutshell, the Detel EasyPlus is environmentally friendly, best for teenagers(below 18 years), and economical. 

Subodh: The product features and ideas are appreciable. We would like to know about the charging features of the EasyPlus. Can you share all about the charging features of the e-bike?

Yogesh Bhatia: With over 24 years of experience in distribution and marketing, I understand the general requirements and problems of the people. Especially, people when using electric vehicles are in great need of a charging station. The best of Detel economical e-bike is that the customers need no specific charging station to charge up the e-bikes. Instead, they can use any home or store plugins. 

Subodh: It’s a great idea, and you have cleared the whole problem of charging with a single e-bike. Can you let us know where the EasyPlus e-vehicles are available?

Yogesh Bhatia: As of now, we’ll launch the product. Later, you can avail yourself of in Detel website. Also, we welcome the dealers and distribution partners after launching the product. Once the dealers get registered with our company, the customers can directly avail of the regional locations of the vehicles. 

Note: At present, the product has launched, and one can avail of the EasyPlus through Detel official website

Subodh: So far, we have seen several companies entering the world of electric vehicles. Today, you are also a part of this. So, lastly, where do you want to see your company in the next five years?

Yogesh Bhatia: At present, we haven’t started anything in electric vehicles. In India, there are over 230 million two-wheelers. Transforming all the two-wheeler combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles isn’t a joke. And it requires a lot of awareness, adaptability, and time. So, we are welcoming the other brands to collaborate with the low-speed electric vehicles so that each person can avail of these low-speed vehicles effortlessly. Later, the people can even upgrade the low-speed vehicles to high-speed vehicles for better commuting outside and within the city limits. 

Currently, our priority is to transform combustible engine vehicles into electric vehicles. Later, we will focus on the up-gradation of low-speed vehicles to high-speed vehicles. 

The interview has covered insightful information about the economical EasyPlus e-bike. It was indeed a great conversation with one of the pioneers of India, Mr. Yogesh Bhatia. I hope you enjoyed the interview and gained some powerful insights. Stay tuned, and we will meet you soon in another splendid interview.

Subodh Yeole
Subodh is an electronics engineer & a system oriented person having 8+ years of corporate experience in foreign client handling & business analysis. He loves writing on various topics related to automobile & sports.

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