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Cost of setup Electric Vehicles Charging Station in India
Cost of setup Electric Vehicles Charging Station in India

In current era, government is emphasizing more on electric vehicle to lessen down the consumption of fossil-fuel based petrol and diesel. With such an aim in mind, government is going to launch a EV super app (master app) which will let the users know about the various charging points of Electric vehicles as per their location.

Convergence Energy Services (CESL) is working in this direction to collect information regarding development of this app from private sectors. This app is expected to launch in coming 4-6 weeks. As this (ev super app) app will make it easy for users to know the availability of charging points and charging tariff, it will become easy for them to make and change reservations at nearby stations.

Mahua Acharya, CESL Managing Director stated that the intention of government is to make a mutually beneficial arrangement for all stakeholders. “Along with information regarding charging points and tariff, the app will also share OEM’s information regarding traffic and visibility near private charging points. Such information will give relief to consumers, as they can quickly fetch the information and can reserve their charging slot if they want to charge their vehicles on the go, “added Acharya.

As per think tank of Niti Ayog, currently there are 1,827 charging stations present across the country till 2022. All of them are in working condition. The Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) has granted the permission of 2,877 more charging points, and has sanctioned the fund of Rs. 500 crore in 68 cities. This includes 25 states and Union Territories under Phase II of FAME. The work is underway.

Acharya stated that most of the users charge their vehicles either at home or in corporate office, the government is planning to form a dense network of e-highways to promote inter-city travel.

CESL has come-up with service procurement model which involves private sector to set-up charging ecosystem.

In this public-private partnership model, CESL will hand-shake with companies who are ready to invest and operate these stations across the entire highway and expressways. Such facility will motivate electric car drivers to do a long drive on highways without worrying about their charging.

The long-term plan of CESL is to establish around 10,000 charging stations in the coming three years under the initiative of FAME II.

Shailesh Chandra, MD Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles said that it is important to establish charging points at different locations to promote the adoption of electric vehicles among consumers. Such initiative will play a pivotal role in quick adoption of EVs.

Hemal Thakkar, Director of Logistics & Mobility CRISIL Ltd, said that top 10 cities have experienced 50% of EV sales in FY21. However, in FY22, this sale has spread even in cities which don’t come under top 10. And this surge is around 20-30%.

Last month, CESL has set-up prices for establishment of 81 electric vehicle charging points across 16 national highways and expressways which cover a distance of around 10,275 kilometers.

The selected corridors cover:

  • Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway,
  • Eastern Peripheral Expressway
  • Agra-Nagpur Highway
  • Mumbai-Pune highway
  • Delhi-Agra Yamuna expressway
  • Hyderabad ORR expressway,

Considering the demand of EVs, CESL will provide 590 chargers of 50kW capacity and 220 chargers with a capacity of 100kW. 50kW chargers will be made available at a distance of 25 kms and 100kW chargers will be made available at a distance of 10kms.

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