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Tesla’s Model S becomes the first electric car that offers a 400-mile range by EPA rating


It isn’t surprising to see Tesla, the world leader in electric cars, making headlines these days. So, here is another yet the most exciting news from the house of Tesla. Tesla’s Model S is claimed as the first electric car with a capacity of going 400-miles as reported by the EPA rating. 

Offering a 400-mile range called for renaming all North American Model S vehicles to “Long Range Plus”. More efficient, lighter in weight, and better aerodynamics are the foundation stones over which the “Long-range” milestone was laid. 

“All Model S cars made since late Jan have a 402-mile range, this is just making it official.” said in a tweet by the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk. Following the reduced price, the new Model S Long Range Plus will bear a price tag of $74,990.

To achieve the new range the most important change the Model underwent was the reduction in weight mainly in the car’s battery pack. Additionally, an improvement in the Regenerative braking system generates more energy which gets transferred to the car’s battery pack while driving.

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