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Continuing its rapid expansion, Omega Seiki Mobility opens its first dealership in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Team OSM & OHM - dealership in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Team OSM & OHM - dealership in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi, March 16th, 2021: Omega Seiki Pvt. Ltd., the Electric vehicles manufacturing company of Anglian Omega has partnered with OHM Automotives and opened yet another new dealership in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. This comes days after the opening of a new dealership in New Delhi. With the dealership launch in Vijayawada city, the main focus of the Omega Seiki Mobility is to capture the Andhra region and serve their products to the customers deployed in E-commerce & FMCG deliveries.

Currently, Omega Seiki Mobility has about 6 different products to showcase in the dealership including the newly launched Rage+ Frost, the refrigerated vehicle for pharma delivery purposes. The company is selling vehicles in B2B as well as B2C segments. OHM Automotives has already set up several EV charging stations in the southern states including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, etc., and are operating them for the past 3 years.

Elated by launching the dealership in the city, Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility, said,” Omega Seiki Mobility is expanding rapidly and we are overwhelmed with the response we are receiving from our customers and associated dealers. Indeed, EV is the future and we, as an OEM are sincerely focusing on coming out with the best-in-class vehicles and quality service experience. We are constantly focusing on increasing the efficiency of our products and working tirelessly on R&D. We have been receiving excellent response from the Southern parts of the country for the last six months. We are also planning to open up 150 more dealerships Pan-India in the Financial Year 2021-22.”

Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman & Dr. Deb Mukherji, MD OSM

Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman & Dr. Deb Mukherji, MD OSM

OSM is a technology-focused company focusing on providing last-mile delivery services as well. The disruptive technology in OSM’s vehicles is highly beneficial for E-Commerce & FMCG last-mile delivery purposes.

“The company is going in the right direction with the right vision. Within a span of one year, we have progressed a lot in terms of R&D, dealerships, product ranges, etc. Strengthening our presence in the country with the number of dealerships, we are elated to serve our customers the best-in-class electric vehicles to fulfill their professional needs. We are planning to launch passenger vehicles as well in the coming few months.” added Dr. Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, Omega Seiki Mobility.

Omega Seiki Mobility has some amazing EVs in their portfolio and we have been receiving an amazing response from the dealerships regarding the smart EVs. We are strengthening our roots across the country with the help of team OSM and providing the latest EV technology to the customers. We are working closely with the team to create an EV ecosystem and planning to work together on other projects including charging stations, service stations.” Said Nirmal Reddy, MD, OHM Automotives.

Recently, Omega Seiki Mobility has also announced the opening of a manufacturing unit near Dhaka, Bangladesh with an investment of INR 100 crores. The company has also invested INR 200 crores in India for R&D. Currently, Omega Seiki Mobility has 2 manufacturing units located at IMT Faridabad & IMT Manesar, Haryana. The company has a strong presence in the Southern parts of India with dealerships in Karnataka, Bangalore & parts of Tamil Nadu. OSM is also coming up with some eye-catching two-wheeler passenger vehicles in the coming months.

About Anglian Omega

Anglian Omega Group started business operations in 1971 in Faridabad with a single Bright bar factory. After building a prominent position as the leaders in India in Bright Bar Steel, they have expanded focus with significant investments in the Infrastructure sector with the development of large-scale warehousing and cold storage facilities across multiple locations in India. Internationally, Anglian Omega also has investments in, and partnerships with organizations in multiple sectors including Art, Beauty, and Lifestyle; Business Incubation and Services; Manufacturing Automotive Components; Electric Mobility; Craft and Design; Financial Services; Green Energy; Hospitality; Mobile Technologies and Applications; Real Estate; Steel Manufacturing; and Sports. Anglian Omega has offices in Thailand, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland and recently opened an office in Japan.

About Omega Seiki Private Limited

Omega Seiki Private Limited is a member of the Anglian Omega Network. Omega Seiki will focus on manufacturing cold-forming parts for the automotive & rail industries in India & abroad. It is set up as well for manufacturing high-precision machining powertrain parts using the latest high-value cutting-edge technologies. At present, the company has its base in Faridabad, Pune & Chennai which cater to the three major Auto hubs for OEMs in India. The company plans to increase its global footprint by setting up its first international base in Japan in 2020. Omega Seiki Mobility is the mobility arm of the company looking at providing smart, green solutions for e-commerce, cargo and logistics companies.

EV Duniya interview with Mr. Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility

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