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Install a home charging station for as little as Rs. 2,500/- in Delhi

Installation of Private Electric Vehicle Charger Will Cost Delhi Residents Rs. 2,500
Installation of Private Electric Vehicle Charger Will Cost Delhi Residents Rs. 2,500

There is no longer any need to physically visit government ministries to apply for the establishment of private e-vehicle charging stations in the national capital, which is great news for the new generation of electric vehicle owners in Delhi. Residents of Delhi can now install ev charging station at home with an investment as low as Rs. 2,500/- only.

Owners of electric vehicles may now apply from the comfort of their own homes and have charging stations installed within seven days. In addition, the government has included the benefit of a subsidy for using this service.

The cheapest E-vehicle charging station in Delhi will cost around 2,500 rupees, down from an initial price of ₹ 8,500. Applicants will now just have to pay ₹2,500 for the same after receiving a ₹6,000 grant (a 70% discount).

Kailash Gahlot, the Delhi transport minister, established a single-window system for private e-vehicle charging stations earlier this week. Jasmine Shah, the vice-president of the Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission, was also present at the launch ceremony of the scheme.

With an electric vehicle charging station costing up to ₹2,500, Delhi is the first city in the country to provide such service at low cost. Only the first 30,000 applicants for the EV charging facility will however be eligible for the installation fee subsidy.

The Delhi government would also provide power for the EV charging station at a cost of just 4.5 per unit. This is the first time in India that such a simple procedure has been established for the convenience of electric car owners.

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Step by step guide to setting up electric vehicle charging station in Delhi:

  1. Residents of Delhi will need to go to their local power company’s website.
  2. The applicant’s personal power connection’s CA (consumer account) number must be inserted into the website’s link.
  3. Any of the 12 power companies chosen to provide EV charging facilities must be included in this list of power companies.
  4. After the application is submitted, a business representative will contact the customer by phone within seven days and dispatch a crew to set up a charging station.
  5. After the subsidy has been subtracted, you must pay for the EV charging station. The government will issue a three-year warranty on the charging station.
  6. If an individual only wants to build the charging station for himself, they can use the power in their home; however, if they want to start a business of charging the cars of other electric vehicle users, they must also install a commercial meter, which costs ₹4.50 per unit.

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