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Tesla – a revolutionary Electric Automotive Industry at the zeal of Technology and Innovation

Tesla - Zeal of Technology and Innovation in Electric Vehicle Industry
Tesla - Zeal of Technology and Innovation in Electric Vehicle Industry

Tesla was founded with a primary focus on the production of Electric Vehicles when the world was just merely adapting to the newfound technology of Smartphones. To put it simply, Tesla was already in the future of creating self reliable electric cars that consume less energy and deliver high performance and reliable mileage.

At the start of the revolutionary innovation of futuristic cars, Tesla’s goal was to achieve the production of affordable electric vehicles that can be supplied in mass and owned by most of the average income households. They are now focused on providing luxurious cars for affluent buyers and gradually move on to the large market by providing affordable Electric vehicles.

What makes Tesla Electric Cars stand out compared to other big players introducing similar technology?

Is it the design? Or the brand that solely focuses on the production of Elite Electric Trendy cars?

Tesla is known for its world’s best selling plug-in and swappable battery-electric vehicles that cover 17 percent of the market in plug-in electric cars and claims 23 percent of the market share in the battery-electric car. Within a year, the sales jumped 50 percent units from the year 2018 to 2019. They have a market capitalization of US $190 billion as of 10th June 2020 that puts them as the world’s most valuable car company overtaking Toyota. Compared to other manufacturers, Tesla’s worth is more than Ford, General Motors, Honda and Fiat Chrysler put together.

When it comes to technology, Tesla is adapting to newer technology and power packing the car with Artificial Intelligence, sensors, batteries, glass, etc.

Tesla Electric Vehicle Models

  • MODEL S – “Ultimate car of the Year”
  • MODEL 3 – “Top Selling Plug-in Car”
  • MODEL X – “Offers Auto-Pilot Driver assistance”
  • MODEL Y – “All-Wheel drive motor car”

Features that make Tesla stand out from the other big players

  • Battery: Unlike the other cars, Tesla’s battery life is promising because it does not use large battery cells.
    TESLA Car Battery

    TESLA Car Battery

    Instead, it utilizes multiple small lithium-ion batteries that are used in day to day consumer electronic appliances. This results in cheaper and lighter standard cells that provide high-efficiency car performance and less charging time.


  • Autopilot:
    TESLA Autopilot Feature

    TESLA Autopilot Feature

    Tesla designed autopilot mode into the vehicles to be more of an assistant to the drivers instead of being an alternative to driving so that the driver equally pays attention to the road. Autopilot can only take control when required.


  • Charging Stations Network:
    TESLA Charging Station Network

    TESLA Charging Station Network

    Nonetheless, the Destination charging location network that was launched by the company in 2014 has also been equally impressive. The network consisted of 23900 destination chargers worldwide by mid-2019.


  • Online E-commerce Shopping:
    TESLA Online Shop E-Commerce

    TESLA Online Shop E-Commerce

    The unique selling point of Tesla is that you can shop your cars online and customize it according to your preference.


The company has revolutionized its work in the Electric automotive industry and continues to do so by engineering its way into making Electric vehicles affordable for general consumers. Tesla has determined itself in being the face of the futuristic Electric Automotive Company.

EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Stella Mendonca

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