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Ahmedabad based duo makes electric bicycles with portable as well as removable batteries!


Every day when we leave for the office, one of the most annoying things that happen every morning, and probably in the evening, is we get caught in the traffic. 

Although a two-wheeler works great to drive out quickly through the heavy traffic, it isn’t a healthy, or an environment-friendly choice. How about commuting over an electric bicycle? Sounds ecofriendly, and healthy as well.

But there is one problem with every electric vehicle, and that is you need to take over the whole electric bicycle to the charging station to charge the battery. But not anymore! Two brothers named Rahil and Rushad Rupawala founded a company named Lightspeed that develops electric bicycles with removable batteries.

What does this mean? It means you don’t need to carry the whole bike up to the charging point, instead, you can simply remove the battery and carry it over to the office, and keep it for charging. 

Rahil and Rushad founded the Lightspeed in Ahmedabad in 2016. The startup makes electric bicycles (e-bikes) with a vision of a cleaner and a greener tomorrow. The batteries used in Lightspeed e-bikes offer over 100+ km of travel on a single charge.

So far the company has sold over 4000 electric bicycles, and are still counting!

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