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The Sale & Registration of EVs without Batteries has been Permitted


The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways mentioned that the EV’s cost is to be separated from that of the battery, which can add up to as much as 40% of the EV’s cost. Registration and sale of electrical vehicles without batteries will now be authorized in India. This resolution will help overthrow the cost of EVs in the country. 


The government has played a move that will distribute an influential push to the source of electric vehicles in India, they declared that the registration as well as the sale of EVs without batteries is now granted in the country.

Batteries can now be sold apart by the energy service provider or OEMs. The of the first & major effects this decision will pull off is a trimming in the prices of EVs. a letter was communicated to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways of all Union Territories & states regarding the delink of the battery cost. 

To ensure that the EVs will be covered under the purview of this by-law, the prototype of the battery, as well as the EV, must be approved by the government.


India wants its automobile industry to gradually shift to EVs as part of its policy to manage its climate change attentiveness. The base in an EV is the range of the vehicle in terms of efficiency & capacity. 

The prototype mentioned earlier must be accepted by the test Agencies drawn under Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. To push the EV ecosystem the government is trying to facilitate the undertaking of electric vehicles. 

The statement liberated by the ministry affirms that this will not only preserve the environment but also reduce the oft import bill that will in turn sunrise opportunities in this industry. 


The government aims that the upfront cost of the vehicle will be lower than CNG, diesel or petrol powered 2 & 3-wheelers. 

Amit Raj Singh, the Managing Director & Co-founder at GEMOPAI, commented “the Centre’s move will reduce the cost of acquisition of an EV for the customer, which is right now at par with internal combustion engines.”

Naveen Munjal, the Managing Director at Hero Electric voiced, “The policy is a welcome move. I am excited about the possibilities that exist in making EVs accessible to every individual in the country.” 

The government also mentions lowering the prices so as the make them cheaper than the internal combustion engine variants. This new rule introduced in the registration and sale of electrical vehicles aims to make a greater impact on the industry. 

The recommendation to the transport secretaries & principal secretaries of states said the government is aspiring to create an ecosystem to escalate the back talk of electric mobility in India. It is time to assemble to work cooperatively to realize the broader national agenda to reduce oil import bill & vehicular pollution.

EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Sakshi Nadkarni

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