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Hyundai plans to roll-out three new EVs in the next year


Hyundai 45 EV is what everyone’s talking about. The new concept car from the house of South Korean auto giant, is one of the three EVs to be launched in the forthcoming year.

EV 45 is reported to be in the final stages of its development. What brings EV 45 into the news is its iconic design which pays homage to one of the iconic vehicles in the history of Hyundai Automobiles, the Pony Coupe concept.

Hyundai is already winning accolades for its First fully-electric SUV named Kona launched in India last year. As told by the sources, the third EV, Prophecy, will be a premium and a stylish sedan. That’s entirely opposite to the 45 EV is having a retro look.

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