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A battery that outperforms all the batteries in use today


One of the main factors hindering the progress of the EV market across the world is the battery, going into Electric vehicles, that necessities replacement every few years.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) is a China-based Battery maker firm known for powering the EVs of Tesla Inc. and Volkswagen AG. 

The company made an announcement that they have created a whole new breed of a battery that will last up to 16 years, with a total distance coverage of nearly 2 million kilometers. This surely sounds like a new milestone well underway in the history of Electric vehicles.

“If someone places an order, we are ready to produce,” said Chairman Zeng Yuqun, in an interview at company headquarters in Ningde, southeastern China.

Although the Covid-19 outbreak has already dragged down the sales of automobiles, the demand for EV is strongly predicted to rise at the beginning of 2021, told Zeng who started the company nearly a decade ago.

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