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Top 5 Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

Top 5 Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India
Top 5 Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

If you are an avid bicycle lover and love the thrill of climbing high terrains, then Electric Bicycles are indeed your thing. Electric bicycle manufacturers are catching popularity in India at a good pace. But seeing the shift in people’s minds concerning Electric bicycles is quite an achievement for the EV industry, mainly because bikes are not a popular mode of transport in India.

The mechanism of the Electric bicycle is primarily based on lithium-ion technology and SLA batteries. Buying an Electric bicycle is cost-effective, convenient, hassle-free, sweat-free, effortless, and contributes gold to our mother nature.

What is an Electric Bicycle, and why choose this as a preferred method of transport?

Electric Bicycle is referred to as an E-cycle or E-bikes. A motor drives E-Cycles. The motor engine is usually placed in the front or rear wheel. The best e-bikes are considered to be the ones with the mid-drive motor integrated with the gear and the crank.

The electric motor makes the bicycle driving experience very effortless and easy. If you are just a lazy person but love cycling, then e-bikes are undoubtedly the best transportation mode for you. It’s very convenient to carry a good number of weights on your bicycle as well. Electric Bicycles are mostly one of the best ways of transport; when it comes to climbing a hill.

Many Indian EV manufacturers have understood the market for Electric bicycles and have created their revolutionary e-bikes. My top 5 Electric bicycle manufacturers in India.

Top 5 Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

  1. Hero LECTRO EHX20
  4. NIBE Motors


Hero Lectro Electric Bicycle series is one of the innovative products which Hero could ever come up with.  The hero has an aspiration of taking over 10% of the global E-cycle market by 2022. Hero lector cycles are manufactured in the Hero automotive plant located at Delhi NCR, and the design process is carried out in Berlin.



Hero Lectro bicycles are designed with a state-of-the-art Electric Drive Unit (EDU) and a Li-ion battery that is adequately concealed in the down tube. It has a Throttle mode (twist and Go mode, which provides a unique experience of cycling without pedaling), a Cruise mode (A-mode with cycling at a fixed speed of 6m/hr powered by the battery), Pedalec Mode (A mixture between battery assist and pedaling which reduces effort by 80% and the traditional way which is the Pedal Mode.

Some of the latest and best Hero Lectro Electric bicycles are HERO LECTRO EHX20, HERO LECTRO F6i, HERO LECTRO C3, HERO LECTRO C4 etc. The HERO ELECTRO E-Cycle price range starts from Rs.23,000 to Rs.1,35,000 approximately.

Speaking of the model, HERO ELECTRO EHX20 has a range of 80km per charge and has a triple sensor system. The triple sensor system consists of a torque sensor, speed sensor, and crank sensor. The Li-ion batteries are mounted close to the pedals. HERO ELECTRO EHX20 is undoubtedly one of the expensive and luxurious E-cycle. The M.RP of HERO ELECTRO EHX20 is Rs.135,000.


Geekay Bikes is in the market since 1961, and they have been manufacturing conventional Bicycles & parts, Electric Bicycles, Electric Pedal Rikshaws &parts, and batteries. They provide a commitment to offering the best cycles in the market.



The latest Geekay electric bicycles raving the market now are ECO BIKE ELITE, ECO BIKE UNI, ECOBIKE PRO, and ECO BIKE PRO PLUS. The Price range varies from Rs.35000 to Rs.48000.

ECO BIKE PRO PLUS is undoubtedly one of the innovative products by Geekay Bikes. This is one of the fat-tyre bicycles and has 21 gears which assures comfort and safety. Carrying a powerful motor and a high-capacity detachable battery, it has a USB charging option. ECO BIKE PRO PLUS has a market price of Rs. 43,849.




E-TRIO is one of the first Indian EV Conversion companies and also the first company with certified E-LCV’S on the road. E-TRIO’S vision is to provide everyone with the most comprehensive range of EV’S and to provide affordable mobility. It has a driving three-way change concept which is Decarbonizing Environment, Impacting Businesses, and Transforming Lives.

ASHVA and iSWITCH are two electric bicycle variants manufactured by E-TRIO.

ASHVA has a range of 80km per charge, Top Speed of 25kmph, Frame Size of 17″ and  26″ Tyre. It has a Li-ion battery of 18 ah which provides an extra-long battery range. ASHVA is sold for Rs. 37, 799.

iSWITCH provides maximum comfort and durability and a range of 35 km per charge. It has a top speed of 25kmph, Frame Size of 17″ and 26″ Tyre. It has a Li-ion battery of 7.8 ah which provides an extra-long battery range. iSWITCH is sold at a price of Rs.32,599.

NIBE Motors

NIBE MOTORS specializes in advanced two-wheelers and three-wheelers electric vehicle manufacturing with an environment-friendly goal as of prime importance. It gives priority to research and development and provides cutting-edge technology in the fields of E-Bicycle, E-Scooter, E-Autorickshaw, Li-Ion Batteries, and Regeneration concepts. Its Research & Developments manufacturing unit is at Nasik.



Interestingly their E-Cycle models are categorized as Gents E-Cycle, Ladies E-Cycle, Postman E-Cycle,  Police E-Cycle, Indian Army E-Cycle, and Lipo E-Cycle. Advantages of NIBE MOTORS E-Cycles are No License and registration required, zero maintenance drive, Super long battery life, stunning metal body design, advanced Li-Ion battery used, charging time 2-3 hours, smart charger, and has a one-year warranty.

NIBE MOTORS E-Cycles has a range of are 50-70km per charge, 100-120kg loading capacity, and super eco-friendly.


Everything about SWAGTRON is related to mobility. They make hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, and E-bikes. It has a vertically integrated business model which caters to the whole package, which is: Design, Product development, manufacturing, sales, logistics, marketing. The SWAGTRON models available in the market are swagcycle EB-5, Swagcycle PRO, Swagtron EB-7, and Swagtron EB-12. The SWAGTRON E-Cycle price range starts from Rs.39,490 to Rs.79,990.

SWAGTRON-Kids Electric Bicycle

SWAGTRON-Kids Electric Bicycle

Speaking of Swagtron EB-12, it is one of the coolest, “real feel” city E-bikes. It has 700C*25mm cycling tires and has a removable battery. Its maximum load capacity is 120kg. Charging time is 4-5 hours and has a Shimano 7-speed SIS gear. It also provides a door-to-door warranty of 1 year. The M.R.P of the product is Rs. 79,990.

I hope this article has raised some curiosity inside yo4u and has given you some insight into the environment-friendly Electric-Cycles and electric bicycle manufacturers. Now do your internet investigation and bring in your favorite E-cycle and spend the rest of your life cycling.

EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Chitrangada Das

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