Top 8 Electric Cars with a Long Range

Top 8 Electric Cars with a Long Range & power
Top 8 Electric Cars with a Long Range & power

An average individual drives only 50 km on a general run per day, but people still do merit owning a drive with a long-range. This article gives an insight into the top 8 electric cars with a long-range in the market, from Tesla to Kia. Now you can experience a relaxed drive without having to let your meter have your continuous attention. The motors mentioned vary in size & style, from practical crossovers & handy hatchbacks to high-performance sports sedans & luxurious SUVs.

EVs are getting approval all over the world with more than 5.6 million electric vehicles on the road. Battery technology is reaching its peak as we walk into a smarter automotive industry. There is so much these innovations have to offer. If you don’t already own an EV it’s time to buy one. 

Top 8 electric cars with a long-range

No more panicking over the range your car has to offer – We’ve set down the top 8 electric vehicles that can give you a long-range on a single charge: 


    This car has the longest electric range to offer, giving you 575kms along with a luxury liftback & a full-sized all-electric five-door. Starting at Rs. 55,08,502/- The Model S is a lively, lush & airy electric sedan. With razor-sharp acceleration & handling, it would be a joke comparing the Model S to a golf cart.

    TESLA MODEL S in Top 8 Electric Cars

    TESLA MODEL S in Top 8 Electric Cars

  2. 2020 TESLA MODEL 3:

     Model 3 is an electric vehicle with a long-range of 518kms, starting at Rs.34,51,204/-. In terms of price & overall size the Model S could be considered an elder sibling, but Model 3 isn’t eclipsed when it comes to the delivery range. The Long Range model raises the bar to 518kms, while the standard Model 3 achieves a useful 402kms of range. While Model 3 is magnificent, understanding the controls can be a puzzle and requires calmness.

  3. 2020 TESLA Y:

    Starting at 38,89,182 Tesla Y gives you a range of 508kms. This model has been developed on the same platform as the current Model 3 sedan along with the same powertrain. The Model Y is a 7-seater SUV, delivering a feeling of ample space under the oversized panoramic glass roof, eliminating the idea of claustrophobia. It also promises superb performance, giving you a 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

  4. TESLA X:

    This is an all-electric palatial SUV providing you with a 490km range. This model is a mid-size opulent crossover vehicle. This model starts at Rs.59,55,867/-. The lithium-ion battery pack & electric motors are no doubt the most customary aspects of the mixer Model X.

    TESLA X High safety & in Top 8 longest electric cars

    TESLA X High safety & in Top 8 longest electric cars

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    The i-Pace is a complete-electric SUV with a dignified design giving you a range of 470kms. This model is a crossover SUV with a highly aerodynamic design. This is the smallest crossover Jaguar has produced that gives you an all-electric range as mentioned. Starting at Rs.51,99,106/-, the i-Pace gives you a charge time of 12.9 hours at 240V. This 394 horsepower beast comes with a 90-kWh lithium-ion battery.

    JAGUAR I-PACE long range EV car

    JAGUAR I-PACE long range EV car

  6. 2020 KIA NIRO:

    The Niro comes with a contemporary yet conventional exterior and a functional & stunning 5-seater interior. The model gives a good range of 384kms. This model starts at Rs.29,50,239/-. It charges in 9.5 hours at 240V and comes with a 64-kWh lithium-ion battery.

    2020 KIA NIRO

    2020 KIA NIRO


    The Nissan NSANY is obtainable in two forms – The Leaf & The Leaf Plus. This model starts at Rs.28,70,632 with a range of 363kms. The model provides you with a charging time of 11.5 hours at 240V. The Leaf Plus comes with 214 horsepower & a 62-kWh lithium-ion battery.




     This sedan feels meaningful & sporty. It starts at Rs. 1,11,70,704/- and gives you a range of 323kms. It provides you with a charge time of 9 hours & 670 horsepower.

No more pondering over the closest charging point. This top 8 electric cars also have a range of factors affecting their driving range, just like the diesel & petrol cars. Don’t forget, the actual range is usually lower and pivots on a range of driving situations such as temperature, road conditions & the weather.

If your budget doesn’t have a place for Tesla, there is an abundance of EVs that have an outstanding driving range for a lower price.

Electric cars have made a substantial amount of progress since they set off. All the models mentioned above hold more than 200kms of range. The driving range is one of the major worries for buyers considering an EV. 

The idea of an EV without charge isn’t all that great.

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EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Sakshi Nadkarni

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