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Does Electric vehicle need Number Plate, Driving License, Road Tax in India?

rules & regulations to drive EV in India
rules & regulations to drive EV in India

There are several misconceptions and rumors around Electric Vehicles’ rules and regulations as India is still in the early stages of the electric revolution. The Indian Government has done a decent job of coming up with friendly regulations that will make the transition to EVs easier and faster. One can expect more changes to come in the near future.

In this article, we discuss a few basic regulations you need to be aware of when it comes to Electric vehicles.

Many countries have regulated rules for Electric vehicles. Since EVs are completely different than the regular Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, the rules to govern them are also different. India had various decisions to be made pertaining to the EV regulations.

In the early stages, there were lots of discussions within the central Indian government and with the state governments on the policies to boost the use of EVs. While most suggested to let the vehicles out on road without a license, some pointed out the risk and need for safety.  

Hence certain guidelines were put in place to ensure safety and also boost the use of EV.    

India already has rules to follow when it comes to vehicles- need to have Number Plate, Driving License, and Road Tax.

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Is Number Plate Needed to Drive Electric Vehicle?

Number Plate regulations associated with the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 states that all vehicles registered after April 1, 2019, should have an HSRP – High-Security Registration Plate. These number plates help prevent vehicle theft as they are issued only by the Government. They also help create a digitized national database of registered vehicles.

  • Private ICE vehicles have a white number plate with black lettering.
  • Commercial ICE vehicles have a Yellow number plate with black lettering.
  • Self Driven/ Rental ICE vehicles have a Black number plate with yellow lettering. 
  • Private Electric Vehicles have a Green Number plate with white lettering.
  • Commercial Electric Vehicles have a Green Number plate with yellow lettering.
Type of EV number plate for private use

Type of EV number plate for private use

The green number plates help traffic officials identify the EVs for preferential treatment in parking, free entry in congested zones, concessional toll, and much more, according to the Road and Highway minister. The government assumes these efforts will encourage people to start using EVs.

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Is Driving Licence Compulsory to Drive EV in India?

Driving License is needed to ensure that the individual who possesses it is eligible to operate a motor vehicle. Without it, the individual has no right to operate the vehicle on public roads. This makes the roads secure from reckless and insufficient drivers. 

Electric Vehicles, especially two-wheelers are considered to be safer than motor vehicles. Hence for vehicles with top speed less than or up to 25kmph and/or those which have power up to 250Ws do not require a driving license. Apart from these, all other vehicles require the driver to hold a driving license. 

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How Much Road Tax is Applicable on Electric Vehicles?

Road Tax for Electric Vehicle in India

Road Tax for Electric Vehicle in India

Now coming to the third aspect, Road Tax is essentially imposed by the respective state governments. Each state bears the cost of constructing roads and road tax is their way to recover that cost. In February 2020, the Government proposed waiving off the road tax on new electric vehicles. That said, EV owners will be able to save quite an amount. Buying an EV worth Rs. 10 lakh in Delhi-NCR can save you somewhere around Rs. 75,000 owing to the exemptions provided by the government.

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