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Understand Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles for Better Use

Pros & Cons of using EV
Pros & Cons of using EV

The demand for Electric Vehicles is increasing day by day and it won’t be long before we start seeing more EVs than traditional vehicles on road.

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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles use

PROS of using EV

  1. Less running cost: Cost of running an electric vehicle is 80-85% cheaper than traditional vehicles, check calculations at
  2. Environment friendly: An Electric Vehicle does not require Diesel/ Petrol for its running and gets its power from chargeable Li-ion battery making it an environment-friendly option.
  3. Reduction in carbon footprint: Diesel and Petrol vehicles emit carbon monoxide which is harmful to the environment and to us, human beings as well.
  4. Less maintenance cost: EVs are cost-effective when it comes to monthly maintenance due to less mechanical parts

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Although there are not many disadvantages of using an electric vehicle, one point I will mention is the time taken to charge an EV. Normally an electric vehicle takes around 5-8 hrs to get fully charged, unlike traditional vehicles which get fully tanked up in 2-3 mins.

Understand Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles for Better Use

Understand Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles for Better Use

LIMITATIONS of using Electric Vehicles

  1. Availability of charging stations: It will take around 8-10 years to create a feasible and sustainable charging infrastructure for EVs to fully operate at all routes.
  2. Purchasing cost: EVs are slightly costlier than traditional vehicles but make up for the investment through their running efficiencies as they are around 80-85% cheaper in monthly running costs.
  3. Feasibility on Longer routes: Due to less availability of charging stations (mostly in developing countries), it is not feasible for a person who usually needs a vehicle for longer routes

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  1. Improper disposal of used batteries can pose a serious threat to the environment.
  2. Current Covid-19 situation has kept vehicles locked in parking for months and it may cause battery draining or internal problems.

Conclusion: Overall Electric Vehicles are for our greater good and are easy to operate and maintain as well. It will take a few years for people to fully accept it and to go electric. If you own an electric vehicle, we congratulate you for making a smarter choice of going green and contributing your bit towards curbing pollution.

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