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Top Three-wheeled electric vehicles in India | e-rickshaw Manufacturers

E-rickshaw / Three-wheeled electric vehicles in India Market
E-rickshaw / Three-wheeled electric vehicles in India Market

Compared to their popular counterparts, three-wheeled electric vehicles in India are rapidly gaining popularity these days due to their affordable prices with zero-emission and zero maintenance features. With the advent in energy storage technologies, many organized and unorganized sectors in India are playing part in this exponentially growing electric vehicles market. The next generation of three-wheeled electric vehicles (e-rickshaw) is unprecedentedly equipped to enter this competition.

Top Three-wheeled electric vehicles in India

Electric three-wheelers or commonly known as e-rickshaws are gaining speedy momentum amidst countrywide slowdown. The e-rickshaw fleet on the road has been growing exponentially since 2015. Its India market growth is projected over $1 billion by FY2023. This is owing to the increased awareness for a clean environment as well as the government initiatives to fulfill the efficient energy commitments by 2030.

Many electric vehicle manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto, Mahindra, Piaggio promise to deliver clean, cheap and efficient solutions compared to regular auto rickshaws. Many startup companies have also entered this market to provide a hand for that last mile journey. Initially focusing on the ‘passenger load’ type, companies lately have turned their attention to ‘carrier load’ as well, recognizing their widespread applications in urban e-commerce and rural area outreach.

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Most of these e-rickshaws come equipped with high-tech features such as LCD displays, swappable batteries, USB charger, GPS for location tracking, etc without compromising affordability.

List of e-rickshaw/e-auto manufacturers in India with price & range

We have listed down in no particular order, the most popular electric three-wheeled vehicles in India along with their maximum speed and price.


Maximum Speed

The range on a full charge


Charging Time

Bajaj RE EV



INR 2 lakhs

6 hrs

Mahindra Treo

45 km/h


INR 2.22 lakhs

3 hrs 50 mins (Li-Ion)

Kinetic Safar

25 km/h


INR 2.2 lakhs

8-10 hrs (Lead Acid)
2-3hrs (Li-ion)

Piaggio Ape e-city

45 km/h


INR 1.97 lakhs

6min (Swappable Li-Ion battery)

e-Shaft (Gayam Motor Works)

25 km/h


INR 1.4 lakhs

5-6 hrs (Lead Acid)

1. Bajaj RE EV

This highly anticipated 4-seater (including driver) electric rickshaw comes with 48-volt Lithium-ion battery that could be swapped instead of charging reducing the charging time to just a couple of minutes. It has a 4.3 kW (5.85 PS) electric motor.



2. Mahindra Treo

Mahindra is boasting its next-generation stylish Treo, which is equipped with 48V Li-Ion battery with minimum charging time. This e-rickshaw has latest features such as 12V socket, hazard indicator and 15 A Off-board Charger.

Mahindra TREO e-auto

Mahindra TREO e-auto

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3. Kinetic Safar

This comes in both Li-Ion and Lead Acid battery types with an onboard charger. It comes with an 850W motor along with three-speed mode selector to optimize the range per charge.

Kinetic Safar e-rickshaw

Kinetic Safar e-rickshaw

4. Piaggio Ape e-city

Piaggio offers Sun Mobility 48V Li-Ion battery that can be swapped instead of charging, offering a quick and easy alternative for time-consuming battery charging. It offers a modern look with its full digital display and safety doors.

Piaggio Ape e-city rickshaw EV model

Piaggio Ape e-city rickshaw EV model

5. Gayam Motor Works – eShaft

An emerging startup company GMW quickly gained popularity by launching eShaft with minimum features compared to its competitors. It has 1.5KW Lead Acid solar chargeable battery providing range up to 60km. With its stylish features and minimum maintenance, it could be the best value for money electric three-wheeled vehicles out there.

eShaft electric 3 wheeler by Gayam Motor Works

eShaft electric 3 wheeler by Gayam Motor Works

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Despite the lingering challenges such as the availability of charging stations, the three-wheeled vehicles market in India is quite competitive and has high potential growth. The manufacturers are continuously evolving to meet the consumer needs, helping the country to go fully electric by 2030.

EV Duniya Editorial: This article is written by Sayali Deshpande


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