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YBRANIUM: Electrical Designing, Commissioning and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

YBRANIUM electric vehicle charging station
YBRANIUM electric vehicle charging station


Energy demand is increasing rapidly with the increase in the adoption of new trends in EV space. Residential space in India is one of the largest Energy consumption divisions owing to the increase in the use of Home Appliances and various other loads like AC, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Electric Geysers, etc.

In addition to this, the adoption of EVs will further increase the load demand. And as things currently stand, the Residential space is going to be the primary charging unit for the majority of EVs. It is without a doubt that almost all EV owners will set up charging stations at home to be able to charge their EVs overnight thus creating an increase in residential energy demand.

Future of EVs and Charging Infrastructure

The Electric Vehicle sector in India is categorized by the supply side and adoption trends on the demand side. Ample charging infrastructure is the key essential that will define the adoption of EV trends in India.

Electric vehicles carry bounded onboard energy in the battery packs which need charging from time to time depending upon the battery pack, size, and capacity. Charging systems are therefore necessary for the reliable operation of Electric Vehicles. The charging requirement depends not only on the type of vehicle and its specification and efficiency but also on the utility purpose i.e. passenger or commercial. 

The Government of India has set a target to electrify 70% of all commercial vehicles, 30% of private cars, 40% of buses, and 80% of two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales by 2030. This target implies parallel entry of charging stations across India. The Government of India has been supporting the EV industry through schemes such as FAME1 (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles) in 2015 and FAME2 in 2019 with a major focus on charging infrastructure.

The industry players too have been quite optimistic and are showing an active interest in the overall EV Charging ecosystem. While EVs are being worked upon by major OEMs, an ecosystem for the development of chargers, charging stations, and other services are steadily being built. The charging infrastructure is the backbone of electric mobility but is also one of the key perceived barriers to EV adoption in India given its limited availability and long charging times.

India is picking up the pace in setting up the charging infra but not as much as its counterparts like European Union (EU), USA, or China. High operating cost, distribution company load and the uncertainty related to utilization rates of charging stations are holding back the charge operators from expanding their current reach. 

Components of EV Charging Infrastructure

There are various factors that need to be considered when setting up an EV charging infrastructure i.e. charging station. At a high level, below are the requirements:

  • Designing Electrical network with respect to load requirement according to standards 
  • Hardware (charger/EVSE)  
  • Software (Central Management System/mobile app)  
  • Service (maintenance of charging stations and other hardware/software) 

YBRANIUM is designing technology-based Electrical infrastructure and networks that would fulfill the need of power requirements of charging stations irrespective of the type (Swap technology, AC and DC charging units). It is very pivotal and certain that charging infrastructure power requirements should be designed by considering various factors of power (like load requirements, power factor, energy losses, load requirements at a particular period of time, maximum load demand, type of power required, and many others as per distribution company standards) and as per the specific requirements that the particular charging point requires.

Ybranium is founded by Murali Krishna M and Co-founder Ravikiran both founders are Design Engineers specialized in Electrical engineering.

“We at YBRANIUM are working towards creating a futuristic Electrical Infra network at the residential and commercial level concentrating on Energy conservation and smart adaptability of technology in futuristic Infra development for energy demand” – Says Murali Krishna M

“YBRANIUM is consistently working on creating awareness among the people to adopt renewable energy sources like solar rooftop models not in order to meet the power demand but also to create  carbon-free environment” – Says Ravikiran S

The article is written as a guest post by Ravikiran S, Ybranium
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