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Scion Energy Storage – One of India’s leading lithium battery technology company

Scion Energy Storage-customized Lithium Battery pack solutions and Charger Solutions up to 96V
Scion Energy Storage-customized Lithium Battery pack solutions and Charger Solutions up to 96V

Scion Energy Storage is one of the leading pioneers in the energy storage industry in lithium technology in India. Incorporated in 2018, Scion Energy Storage provides customized Lithium Battery pack solutions and Charger Solutions up to 96V. They have a wide range of customised solutions for stationery (eg. telecom towers, micro-grids, solar lighting systems, medical equipment, commercial & industrial backup systems) as well as non-stationary (eg. electric vehicles) storage solutions powered by lithium battery technology.

Currently, they are working on Lithium-ion cells based on LFP (Lifepo4), NMC, LCO chemistries. These are integrated into battery packs with customised as well as standardised Battery management systems (BMS).

At present, they are providing solutions to the Electric Vehicle industry up to L5 category, Industrial Automation & Robotics industry, agriculture sector, and many more.

Scion Energy Storage is a part of GITA GROUP, a business group established in 1950 and has a substantial interest in diversified business activities ranging from Hydro & Renewable Energy, manufacturing Indian railway concrete sleepers, electricity transmission poles, irrigation/water supply pipes, refractories, special steel wires and strands, Foundry, real estate & construction, Pulses processing (Dal Mills) and lifestyle retail (Bonsaii).

With a production capacity of 150 MWh/ year, they have an expandable capacity of 300MWh/year. They have state of the art production & testing facilities with intense and rigorous Q.C checks. Vibrational, thermal, penetration & abuse tests are conducted efficiently. Right from cell level, various quality measures are taken as cell characterisation, cell sorting, IR, temperature testing, etc. The testing is carried out for each component that goes in the battery pack for BMS, welding strength. The battery pack level testing is also carried out for capacity and durability.

Scion’s team has collaborated with world-renowned institutions and its advisory committee on board. They have a strong team of experienced and young professionals with a diverse background from the defense industry to international work experience. They have a strong technical expertise for comprehensive designing, engineering, and manufacturing customized solutions for every single requirement.

Each requirement they get is catered with utmost technical expertise, designing, manufacturing, quality, and customisation, so that each customer gets the best possible solution for their requirements. They manufacture more than 500 types of 1-32S hard and soft battery packs with over 20 types of BMS with SMBUS. Their battery packs comply with IEC 62133, IEC 62281 and IEC 61960 standards.

The company was founded by Manish Tapadiya and Co-Founder Neha Malu Tapadiya. Before Scion, they both were in the USA for graduation and have work experience in companies in Amazona and EnerNOC.

“We look forward to enriching the lives of each person by providing a clean, green and economical solution to all their energy storage needs.” says Manish Tapadiya


“Today the way energy is generated and the way it is consumed in india, there is a gap in that. There is a parity over there. We aim at filling the gap by providing energy storage solutions. Our vision is to ensure energy reaches even the remotest corner of the country. The only way it is feasible is through energy storage.” says Neha Tapadiya.

Scion Energy Storage is consistently conducting R&D to be ready for the new chemistries and technologies upcoming in the market. They have collaborated with organisations for the study of chemistries like Sodium Air, Fuel cells, Aluminium Air, etc.

“The future is bright in the energy storage industry and we encourage the new generation to explore the market” says Neha.

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