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Charge n’ Go- The one-stop EV Charging Station for all Electric Vehicles

Charge n' Go- The one-stop Luxurious Charging Station
Charge n' Go- The one-stop Luxurious Charging Station

Do you know that electric vehicles’ growth has increased rapidly from 17,000 vehicles in 2010 to 7.2m in 2020? With increasing electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations is also growing incredibly. However, here’s Charge n’ Go providing green charging stations.

The conventional transportation sector almost adds 23% of greenhouse gas emissions. If it continues, it degrades the quality of air, natural resources, and toxifies nature. So, it’s decisive to switch to an eco-friendly, pollution-free electric vehicle transportation system.

Charge n’ Go is coming with the ultimate electric vehicle charging facilities to encourage green transportation, the founders are coming with elegant and strategic plans in the EV sector. With a mission and vision to turn conventional vehicles into green transportation.

What is Charge n’ Go

Charge n’ Go is an active company encouraging green transportation through full-fledged ev charging solutions. It strategically decided to build robust charging stations across India with a vision to protect the environment.

The charging station’s infrastructure ensures other amenities, including restaurants, minimarts, cafes, parking areas, snacks stores, sleeping pods, and many more, for perfect relaxation.

Charge n’ Go doesn’t let you charge an electric vehicle alone, unlike other charging stations, but it makes you feel refreshed with deluxe resources. 

Exclusive Features of Charge n’ Go

The chic and exclusive resources at the Charge n’ Go charging station don’t let your valuable time drain in the water. The thoughtful infrastructure and resources at the charging station create a refreshing environment.

Exclusive Features of Charge n' Go

Exclusive Features of Charge n’ Go


Are you a shopping lover? If yes, then the minimarts are the best companion for you. The minimart at the charging station offers a lot of products and groceries. 

Also, avail of exclusive offers and deals on each product that you buy. In a nutshell, get everything that you want at one go in a single stop at an affordable price. 


Feeling hungry? Don’t worry. The restaurant offers delicious and lip-smacking food either for breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snacks, or late-night dinners. 

Charge n’ Go makes the charging time 100% utilizable with resourceful services and products at the charging station. 


No matter wherever you go, the relaxing cup of coffee/tea is a divine drink that everyone wishes for. At Charge n’ Go, you find tea stalls and cafes for perfect relaxation. Choose your favorite beverage, order, and get it in front of you in no time.  

Kiosk shops

Avail of exclusive products in the kiosk stores, the multi-purpose stores. These stores offer mobile charging points, dry fruits, and other essential products. 

The Charge n’ Go charging stations are a one-stop station for all essentials, from food to grocery to charging. 

Sleeping pods

Not only stores, but it also offers comfy and jazzy sleep pods for a soothing nap. Revitalize and restore your energy levels after a long journey. The soft cushioned sleeping pods at the charging station ensures relaxation and soothes the mind. 

Children’s play area

Now, Charge n’ Go charging stations are a perfect play spot for children. The charging stations incorporate a large play area with a few pieces of equipment for children. The play area is cleaned and maintained well with high-security standards. 

Spacious and hygiene parking place

The charging station has a set of cleaners who maintain pristine and hygienic surroundings, Regular sanitization, mopping, and cleaning the area sets germs-free and the best place for refreshing. 

Also, the spacious parking ensures the smooth functioning of the charging process for various vehicles.

Sanitized toilets

Unlike many other public toilet places, the toilets here are maintained clean and neat with frequent sanitization. So, all you get is pristine surroundings and hygienic toilets. 

High-security standards

Apart from the amenities mentioned above, the charging stations also have a feeding center for mothers to feed their babies. The entire charge stations maintain high-security standards and ensure complete security. 

The charging station is powered by a solar supply with excellent LED advertising screens. It even offers an uninterrupted power supply, advertising platform, and high-level security standards. 

In a nutshell, these stations are single-resourceful and revitalizing stops for busy passengers. 

Partner n’ Enjoy Green Revolution. 

With over 20 years of experience in the business field, Charge n’ Go welcomes young entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, investors to join this sustainable growth. 

Why Should You Partner With Charge n’ Go?

  • Become a part of elite Charge n’ Go and access industry experts’ support with over 20 to 50 years of experience.
  • Get the small business ownership and robust extensive business connections with the Charge n’ Go team. 
  • Any one with without any prior business experience can partner with Charge n’ Go
  • You get a high success rate partnering with the Charge n’ Go unit. The team specializes in the business field and gives you the most desired results. 
  • Charge n’ Go is expanding in South India by 2021. 
  • Partner with the Charge n’ Go and enjoy high returns in lesser time. 

Meet Charge n’ Go Business Experts

Charge n’Go was founded by five masterminds- Kabeer, Abdul Vaheb, Adnan Mandris, Firoz and Vijeesh Vasu. 

Learn more about the founders. 

  • Kabeer – Founder and Director

Kabeer has over 30 years of experience in multiple business fields, from travel & tourism to software developments to agriculture & farming. 

  • Abdul Vahab- Co-Founder and Director

Abdul Vahab is an industry expert in electronics and power equipment manufacturers with over 40 years of experience. He dedicated his whole time to conventional IC engines to EVs.

  • Vijeesh Vasu- Co-Founder and Managing Director

Vijeesh Vasu is one of the youngest directors  and connected the company with the outside world at the earliest. Vijeesh’s entrepreneurship includes working as the director of companies in UAE and India. 

  • Adnan Mandris- Co-Founder and Director

Adnan Mandris is a mechanical engineer and well-known as the director of the reputed educational institution. He has over 20 years of experience in the business field and one of the first EV owners, deeply involved in understanding and reviewing electric vehicles.   

  • Firoz Karumannil- Co-Founder and Director

Firoz is a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in the banking, trading, and services industries. With his astute and skillful strategies, he manages and directs the company reaching its vision soon.  

Want to connect with Charge n’ Go

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