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Q. Who can post article/news/review on
A. Any individual/business/freelancer can contribute an article, news or review on To submit your entry, please click on “Submit Article” tab and fill the form. We recommend attaching pdf of your article/news or review along with the form. Even if you miss attaching the pdf, someone from our team will get back to you!

Q. Will I get credit for my article/news/review?
A. Yes. We believe an author has every right to avail 100% credit on their work. EV Duniya is a platform to showcase your views, knowledge, ideas, updates related to EV Industry. All articles/news/reviews submitted on EV Duniya website are from hundreds of contributors throughout the world and each one of them gets credit for the same.

Q. What is EV Duniya’s Article Submission Policy?
A. The contributor agrees that the views expressed in his / her article are their own and not of anyone associated with EV Duniya. Author/ Contributor is aware that we ( have an audience viewership from around the world and for a user-friendly experience, an article should be grammatically correct, and it should follow certain guidelines by which our viewers will have a good reading experience, hence we at EV Duniya will tweak a few lines and check for grammatical errors and correct the same and the author/ contributor will have NO OBJECTION on doing so.
An article should contain:

  • A proper Title (50-60 characters)
  • ZERO Plagiarism (We have zero-tolerance towards plagiarism)
  • Images should not be copyrighted
  • If you have taken any information or data from online or offline media, please mention the source/link of information
  • The article should be of at least 400 words

Q. Who is EV Duniya’s audience? Where are they from?
A. EV Duniya is a platform dedicated entirely to Electric Vehicle Industry; hence our viewers are people who are excited about the future, people who are interested in the automobile sector, people who are interested to know about the ongoing about the Electric Vehicle Industry. Our audience is from all around the world.

Q. How can I list my product (bike/ car/ charging station) on
A. To list your product on EV Duniya’s website, you must fill the “Associate with us” Tab on the header of our website; someone from our team will get back to you!

Q. What are the benefits of listing my products on EV Duniya’s website?
A. EV Duniya website has a viewership from all around the world, who are interested to get the latest updates in EV Industry. Our viewers are always looking for upcoming trends, products and the latest news in the EV industry, which makes EV Duniya as one of the best platform to showcase your product.
Benefits of Listing:

  • Listing is totally FREE
  • Global reach
  • Showcase your product to a target audience.
  • Generate Leads
  • Create Brand Value

Please note, the decision to list a particular product on our website is solely taken by our management. It does not mean that you have submitted your product to us; it will get listed on our website.

Q. How do I promote my product on EV Duniya’s website?
A. To promote your product on EV Duniya’s website, send us a mail on with

Subject: PRODUCT PROMOTION ON EV DUNIYA WEBSITE along with following details in the mail body:
– Contact Name
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– Website
– Company Name
– Product Details (Attach pdf/jpg up to 8 MB)
– Reason for promotion
Please Note, mail without Subject and above-mentioned details will not be entertained.

Q. How do I feature on EV Duniya’s YouTube channel?
A. To feature on our Youtube channel, please fill the form on our “Contact Us” page and select “Feature on Youtube” in Subject Tab.

Note: EV Duniya is an open platform where any individual is free to post his views/ reviews on particular topics or products. The views expressed here are of the individual (author of the article) alone and not of anyone associated with EV Duniya. We at EV Duniya does not hold liable for any uncaused or unintentional trouble to any business/ person/ brand. If you have any objection, or if you want to discuss any topic/views with the author, please get back to our team, we will be happy to assist you!