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MEARTH: Electric Commuter Scooter Company in Australia

Mearth - Best Electric Scooter for Commuting
Mearth - Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

Mearth is an electric scooter brand in Australia that produces one of the innovative e-scooters in the country. It is the first electric scooter brand in Australia and its innovation made the brand one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry. Mearth’s inception started back in 2015 and since then it has been developing scooters that will revolutionize e-scooters and provide convenience to commuters.

Mearth believes that there is a better and more sustainable way to get around. That’s why they aimed to create the best electric commuter scooter in Australia. As a result, they have launched several e-scooter models that have made their mark in Australia’s e-scooter and commuter scene. Here’s how they shaped the e-scooter industry and streets of Australia.

Improving portability for commuter electric scooters

Mearth has made one of the lightest, most portable, and convenient electric commuter scooters in the market through the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro. The Mearth S has a lightweight of 12.5 kg, while the Mearth S Pro is 13.5 kg. These are some of the lightest models that you can find in the market.

However, despite being light, the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro do not sacrifice their performance. The Mearth S offers a 300-watt motor, while the Mearth S Pro offers a 360-watt motor. These are slightly more powerful than other lightweight mid-range models.

Aside from their weight, these scooters also offer features that on-the-go commuters will love. First, these scooters have a very convenient one-second fold mechanism, making it easy to fold, keep, and store your scooter at home or in public. Next, for commuters that want to travel longer distances, the Mearth S Pro offers a hot-swappable battery system. Commuters can easily switch their drained battery with a new one and carry on. Lastly, both models feature a reliable disc brake system, making it safer for commuters when they stop. This lessens the risks of falling, especially during a sudden stop.

Because of these features, the Mearth S and Mearth S Pro are one of the best electric scooters for commuting in Australia. Mearth has developed a portable but powerful everyday electric scooter that’s perfect for people who are always on the move.

Redefining your everyday electric scooter

If you ask “What is the best Australian electric scooter for commuting?”, the answer has to be the Mearth X Pro. Launched in 2019, the Mearth X Pro boasted powerful specs, but Mearth has upgraded this model, making it one of the best electric scooters for commuting in Australia.

The Mearth X Pro features a large display screen with the right amount of brightness for sunny days. It also has a push mode and cruise control which makes handling and riding the scooter more safe and comfortable for riders. Lastly, aside from digital improvements, the Mearth X Pro has also improved its design from a plastic wheel hub to an aluminum wheel hub. This results in a more sturdy and safe ride over time. Of course, these are just some of the many features that make the Mearth X Pro amazing.

Notice how Mearth added features that make navigation and riding better for riders. Mearth also focuses on these details to improve the riding experience, no matter how big or small. Through these improvements, Mearth is redefining e-scooters and micro-mobile transportation.

Mearth's Commuter Scooter Range

Mearth’s Commuter Scooter Range

Mearth introducing powerful off-road e-scooters

Mearth has recently launched their most powerful and premium line of scooters, and this time, they have deviated from commuter scooters and produced an off-road scooter that packs a lot of power, speed, and range.

The GTS Series, which consists of the Mearth GTS and Mearth GTS Max, offers a maximum motor power of 1600W and 3200 W, respectively. Given its power, the GTS can run up to 50 kph, while the GTS Max can run up to 70 kph. Lastly, the GTS and GTS max also have the longest range in all of Mearth’s models with a max range of 70 km on the GTS and 100 km on the GTS Max.

The idea of developing the scooter came about when Mearth fans asked for a more powerful model to try out. Keeping this suggestion in mind, Mearth developed the GTS Series to cater to off-road riders. Through the GTS Series, Mearth proved that they can create powerful, premium scooters and that they are open to customer feedback for ideas and improvements on their models.

Mearth’s mission to reshape transportation

Electric vehicle use and its adoption are still an alternative to normal transportation, but with Mearth’s innovations and push for sustainable personal electric scooters, they will help reshape transportation, making it more accessible and available to the public.

Ming Ye, Mearth’s Chief Design Officer and a Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Sydney says, “We are working closely with the local government and community to draft guidelines for the e-scooter industry and make sure users can use our product freely and safely. As for other plans, we are constantly improving our products from the design to their specifications. We don’t stop innovating, so fans and e-scooter users will always have something to look forward to with Mearth.”

Aside from producing innovative electric scooters, Mearth also provides after-sales services such as repairs. Mearth is also recognized for having one of the best customer services in Australia. Mearth is always listening to customer feedback and always on the drawing board thinking of improvements and upgrades from previous models and developing their latest product. To know more about their products, check out Mearth’s shop.

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