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Automotive Industry veteran Hardip Singh Goindi joins Three Wheels United as Chief Operating Officer

Hardip Singh Goindi joins Three Wheels United as Chief Operating Officer
Hardip Singh Goindi joins Three Wheels United as Chief Operating Officer

26 March 2021 :“Hardip Singh Goindi, the ex-Executive Vice President at Piaggio Vehicles, took responsibilities as the new COO at “Three Wheels United”. 

Mr. Hardip Singh Goindi has over 38 years of experience in managing business operations, marketing, and leadership. He initially worked at Piaggio Vehicles. However, now he has joined the Bangalore based electric vehicles company, Three Wheels United. 

It’s hoped that Mr. Hardip Singh brings futuristic glory to the TWU with over three decades of experience. As a skilled industry person, he’s best known for marketing brands in domestic and international markets. As Chief Operating Officer of the TWU, Mr. Hardip is set to expand the TWU across various cities. He is even focusing on the strategic business implementation and partnerships of the company. 

Profile of Mr. Hardip Singh Goindi 

Prior to joining Three Wheels United, Mr. Hardip Singh Goindi worked at Piaggio Vehicles as an Executive Vice President. In his working period there, he took care of several responsibilities, such as managing manufacturing operations, improving sales & marketing, increasing brand growth in domestic and international markets. Apart from the Executive Vice President role at Piaggio Vehicles, he has also served as Marketing President at TVS Motors. Mr. Hardip Singh also welcomed the responsibilities as a Senior Vice president for three-wheelers and International business during his tenure at TVS Motors. 

Being an alumni of IIM-Ahmedabad, he led the Marketing and Sales team at Mahindra Holidays and Resorts. Apart from the above experience, he has also worked at the Murugappa Group.

CEO of TWU, Mr. Cedrick, was excited to work with Mr. Hardip Singh Goindi 

The TWU CEO and Co-Founder, Cedrick Tandong, said that he was thrilled to work with Hardip Singh Goindi. The CEO expressed his joy to work with Hardip Singh in the following sentences. 

“Hardip Singh’s successful track record and immense experience in the automotive industry, especially in the three-wheelers and two-wheelers category, is incredible as we rapidly expand our company into newer markets. And it helps us evolve into marketing trends that take our company or the next level.”

Similarly, Hardip Singh also expressed his joy to work with the TWU team:

“It’s exciting to join the TWU enterprise and work with the passionate and mission-driven team at TWU. TWU’s unique ecosystem approach and strategies have already impacted the people in a positive manner. 

Not only people get benefited but also reduce pollution by providing electric vehicles that save the planet. And I’m looking forward to working with the incredible team and helping them in long-term success.” 

About Three Wheels United (TWU):

Three Wheels United(TWU) is a Bangalore based enterprise offering strategic, holistic financing solutions for auto drivers to own an electric auto rickshaw. It was started in 2017 and led by the three passionate personalities, Cedrick Tandong, Kevin Wervenbos, and Apurv Mehra.

The primary goal of TWU is reducing pollution and helping auto-rickshaw drivers to earn more income. TWU helps auto drivers switch from traditional three-wheeler vehicles to smart electric rickshaws. The company also offers loans for auto drivers switching from traditional rickshaws to electric rickshaws.

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