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System Level Solutions and VerdeMobility launches “Electrify Anand 2025” campaign on Zero Emission Day.

Electrify Anand 2025
Electrify Anand 2025

21-09-2021, Anand, Gujarat: EV charging infrastructure solutions provider VerdeMobility and System Level Solutions takes pride in introducing the “Electrify Anand 2025” campaign on 21st September, 2021-Zero Emission Day. This campaign appeals to the citizens of Anand district to use emission-free means for transportation.

The inauguration of this campaign has done in the presence of “Mr. Miteshbhai Patel,” MP of Anand district, “Mr. Pateek Patwari” Sr. Vice President of GCCI, “Mr. Jagdishbhai Patel” Managing board member of VUIA, Anand and “Mr. Tejas Vaghela,” Director & CTO, System Level Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.”

Commenting on the inauguration, Mr. Miteshbhai Patel” said, “We welcome the move by SLS ‘Electrify Anand 2025’, This campaign serves a cleaner environment and a sustainable future for the state and country, which aligns well with the national Make-in-India campaign. Anand district seeks to become a 100% electric vehicle district. I applaud SLS for introducing such a progressive campaign.”

“Together, we will support and nurture the work being done to achieve a cleaner, safer, and smarter transportation future in Anand district,” added Mr. Pateek Patwari

“With the support of Government Officials of Anand city, SLS will implement around 500 Electric Vehicle chargers at various public places throughout the district by 2025. SLS offers all relevant entities to join hands together and make a leap to change society to achieve the Zero-Emission Environment goal” was opined by Tejas Vaghela, Director & CTO, System Level Solutions.

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